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dcx141dev9rev970 link to latest builds on google code

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 28, 2008 3:22 pm    Post subject: dcx141dev9rev970 link to latest builds on google code Reply with quote

Here is a link to the latest dcx build while the dcx forum is down.

Link to latest builds: http://code.google.com/p/dcx/downloads/list

Changes from dev8rev958

- Fetching id attributes now first checks for a valid integer, otherwise tries to evaluate the attribute value. This allows you to do id="%toolbarId" or id="$myToolBarId".
- Icon images were starting at 1 instead of 0 when indexmin was not specified.
- the caption attribute would default to "(null)" if it wasn't specified and the element had no text. Particularly annoying on the item elements.
i.e <control type="toolbar"><item icon="1" /></control> would fill "(null)" as the toolbar button text.
- can now specify gradient fill colours (again!) gradientstart="" gradientend=""
- progressbar colours are now set correctly.

- gradient style now gets its start colour from the progressbar background colour and the end colour from the textbgcolour/bar colour.
setting gradient colours manually should therefor always be done AFTER setting the other colours, otherwise they'll be overridden.
- EndGradient colour was the start colour and visa versa, switched these back. WILL CAUSE GRADIENTS BEING REVERSED for horizontal progressbars SO UPDATE SCRIPTS accordingly!

- added a mIRCLinker class managing the complete access to mIRC and updated all classes to use it
- added Dcx class for global access to get more object oriented access to all the global variables and functions, therefor many of the globals have been gone
- added DcxModule class and sub classes to get a better system into all of this extensions
- added a property sheet to dcx for a $(mIRCDir) returning the mirc application directory, used to copy the dcx.dll to there, after compilation (project vs2k8 only)

- added a toXml function and implemented it for most of the controls, used to get a dcxml from a dialog with only one command (not ready yet)
- added getPosition, getStyles and getBorderStyles methods to easily retrieve the propertys
- added $xdid().styles property to get the styles of the control

- added toXml function for later use

- fixed a bug in -m where an endless loop occured

- start working on bugfix for bug 598, not ready yet

- added a xsd schema file for dcxml (working on that)

- removed the ES_AUTOHSCROLL style from comboex because of problems, needs testing
- added -A flag to set properties of items as in listview, it is now possible to set a mark for every item in the comboex
- added return event to react on return key

- changed some things to fix a bug on closing the parent dialog

- added all UltraDock thinks into the DcxDock class

added DCX_DEBUG define back again, used it to remove all debug code from release builds
added DCX_DEBUG_OUTPUT define to help with this.
added dwmapi.h to includes
added WINVER defines for windows7 & IE8
moved DWMWINDOWATTRIBUTE to allow including dwmapi.h without conflict

changed eval() to use lstrcmp()
changed exec() to use lstrlen()

- fixed the ref count i have destroyed in last commit -.-

- fixed mpopup broken by myself Sad

- fixed refount completly

- fixed another problem caused by myself, belonging to the refactoring of the mIRCSubClassWinProc

- uncommented the WM_SIZE code

added dcxGetWindowRect() function which calls DwmGetWindowAttribute() under vista+ (atm i use __in & __out in the args let me know if this causes problems in compilers other than vs2008)
added _INTEL_DLL_ define to export dll functions when using the Intel C++ compiler as it seems to have problems with the lib.def file.
NB: Intel C++ V11 Compiler causes some oddities in code when full opt is used, reasons unknown at this time.
changed dev build number to 9

added DllMain() function to stop multiple copies of dcx.dll being loaded at the same time.

changed flags = flags + "letter" to flags += 'letter' in WM_MOUSEWHEEL
added check to disable vista style dialogs under vista when aero is enabled untill vista+ code is writen.

- reverted some changes i did in r963 related to bug 598

changed lots of d = d.trim() back to d.trim() again, and other similar assigns.

added GetFullPathNameWUx() for use by PickIcon() as PickIconDlg() requires the full path name.
(This function is windows 2000+)

changed xdialog -R to use dcxGetWindowRect()
changed DcxDialog::WindowProc() to use a shorter InSendMessageExUx() check.

changed /xdid -t to avoid using a temp string.

added comment about vista & windows 7
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 12, 2017 2:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

installation and basic usage instructions would be amazing.
Simple Things Are allways better!
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