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Understaning raws by making a whois remote *How to use raw*

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 31, 2008 12:54 pm    Post subject: Understaning raws by making a whois remote *How to use raw* Reply with quote

Hello and welcome to My 1st tutorial :
I've seen it been asked so menny times in the channel so i made a tutorial to help the users

In this tutorial we will be learning how to make a whois remote.
and how you could get the raws By Using a debug @Window

The raws am using here are from undernet, but they should work in others servers 2 , if now you will learn here how to
find them your self

1st Off all Make one Debug win :

" /Debug @Debug "

Q: Why Do i need to use the @Debug window ?
A: To be able to locate the Raw and Prefix

Q: Why do I need the raw to make a whois script ?
A: The Server Send you the whois Reply by using some raw, we gonna use those raw to halt the normal msg and echo a new one

Okay lets move on

Now that your @Debugger is on lets whois someone (recommend one ircop and then your self)

now lets see how you can change the 1st whois line

Nick is ~User@Host.script * RealName

In your Debugger win you will see it like this

<- :Server 311 YourNick Nick ~NickId Host.script * : RealName

So as it is logically our raw is 311

now we Nead to Find the PreFixes :

i Recomend read /help raw to understand how to use them

to find wich prefix is what am gonna make a small snippet $1 $2 $3 $4 $5 and so one to be sure $1 or anything else is the prefix number

so lets go

Raw 311:*: {
echo -a 1 = $1 2= $2 3= $3 4= $4 5= $5 6 = $6

6 should be okay if still not get the resuld you want add more

and whois someone again

1 = YourNick 2= Nick 3= Id 4= Host.script 5= * 6= RealName

you should get this

So we found what prefix number we need , here we gonna use the same as the normal whois so we gotta get real name

so lets write the little Line

Raw 311:*: {
Echo -a Starting Whois For $2
Echo -a Real Name : $6-
;i Used $6- (the - means and all the other prefixed from and after $6)
Echo -a Host : $4
;haltDef is been used to halt the normal server msg

And then we whois again someone :

Starting Whois For Nick
Real Name : RealName
Host : Host.Script

you can move finding your Self the other raws .

Here is a small List of raws :

Channels : 319 (Prefix Used : $3-)
X login : 330 (Prefix Used : $3)
Your Actual Ip: (Prefix Used : $4)
Idle and sign On : ( Prefix used : $3 and $4)
Server : 312 : (Prefix Used : $3-)
Ircop : 313 : (No Prefix used here : Just Do //echo -a Ircop: Yes)
Away : 301: ( Prefix used : $3- )

Thats all am sure you can make your own Whois remotes know if you stil can't make out something go to : http://www.mircscripting.info/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1258
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