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Dialog Tutorial (Simple for noobs)

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 05, 2005 3:35 am    Post subject: Dialog Tutorial (Simple for noobs) Reply with quote

So, I'm going to add how to do a simple dialog for those newbies, that want to learn how to do a dialog. Cool

So like, I already did this tutorial once, and erased it by mistake, I hope this work will be for some help of yours. Laughing Get a beer and Relax with me Smile.

You can began from here:

; This will always be the same in the begining of a dialog. (dialog name) will be always needed to open the dialog (/dialog -m (dialog name) (dialog name)).
dialog (dialog name) {

; where the text in the " " will be in the title bar.
title "Example"

; where x and y are better set as -1, w and h are the size of the dialog, you'll see an example sooner. Smile
size x y w h

; Then after that step, you can add some things to the dialog like; text, button, icon, list, scroll, editbox etc. Where the id, is the number of the option(text,editbox etc.). Some of them also have " " where you specify a variable or text in " ", if you specify a variable or an identifier you'll have to remove the " ", also this is to for example if you do text "hello" etc... the text in " " will appear.

text "(text)", (id), x y w h, (tab (id), disable, nowrap, right, centre)

edit "(text)", (id), x y w h, (right, center, multi, pass, read, return, hsbar, vsbar, autohs, autovs, limit (number))

button "(text)", (id), x y w h, (default, ok, cancel, flat, multi)

check "(text)", (id), x y w h, (left, push, 3state)

radio "(text)", (id), x y w h, (left, push)

box "(text)", (id), x y w h

list (id), x y w h, (sort, extsel, multsel, size, vsbar, hsbar)

combo (id), x y w h, (list , sort, edit, drop, size, vsbar, hsbar)

icon (id), x y w h, (filename), index, (noborder top left bottom right)

; Then you can also add some on dialog events, where you specify if a button is clicked, dialog is opened, dialog closed, or button double clicked etc.


on *:dialog:(dialog name(The one specified in the beganing: dialog (dialog name) {):(init, sclick, dclick, close, edit, menu, scroll):(id (the number of the option :)):{

example (a button is numbered/id 3):

on *:dialog:EXAMPLE:sclick:3:{
echo A button with the number/id 3 is clicked.

; An example of the steps we have passed till now will be added here. As the aliases was already explained by Guardian in the other tutorial I added an alias to this dialog so you can open it with: /example in your mIRC. Just add the code in ALT+R > FILE > NEW, and just do: /example in any mIRC window, I also hope that you didn't just copy/paste this into your mIRC, but also learned something new.

alias example { dialog -m example example }

Dialog Example {
title "This is an Example"
size -l -l 170 170

text "Combo Box:", 1, 5 7 100 13
combo 2, 5 22 100 50, drop, list, size

text "List Box:", 3, 5 47 100 13
list 4, 5 62 100 50

text "Edit Box:", 5, 5 97 100 13
edit "hello, write something", 6, 5 112 150 20, autohs, return, multi

button "Okey!", 7, 57 145 50 20, ok
on 1:dialog:example:init:*:{
did -a example 2,4 hello
did -a example 2,4 this
did -a example 2,4 is
did -a example 2,4 an
did -a example 2,4 example

Thanks for reading this tutorial, I hope you had fun with me Smile, I also said thanks because if you don't read this tutorial it's a tutorial with no use. I hope you learned something new. Cheers.
Cool Rolling Eyes
"House Is An Uncontrolable Desire"
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